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Massage Testimonials


  • Perfect combination of expertise and empathy

    I love to run! I do around 25 races each year at distances ranging from 3 miles all the way up to the 26.2 mile marathon. Over the past year, I started to experience pain in various muscles and joints to the extent that I feared I might have to stop running. I went to a dozen doctors and therapists, and had x-rays, MRIs, and cortisone shots, but no one was able to really diagnose the source of the pain, much less alleviate it or tell me how to keep it from coming back. And then I met Joi.

    You can tell that Joi knows she was put on this earth to help heal others. She is one of those rare people who makes you feel comfortable and relaxed from the moment you first meet her, and you feel good about literally putting yourself in her hands. She has a way of making you feel like you're at the center of the universe during her sessions because she gives you the gift of her absolutely undivided attention.

    Her professional expertise is simply unparalleled! She can "read" your body's responses -- muscles, fascia, and joints -- because she has an incredible understanding of the human body and how it works. Very strong hands and tremendous endurance enable her to deliver a truly therapeutic experience -- it doesn't just feel good, it actually promotes healing and improves physical capability. I always leave Joi's sessions feeling like she didn't miss anything, and that I can take on the world! And I deeply appreciate that she always shares some knowledge or a technique I can do at home to help myself get better. 

    After my first session with Joi, I knew I had found the right therapist. After the second, I knew I would be able to keep running. She is absolutely indispensable to my pre-race preparation and post-race recovery. She helps get me to the starting line...and to the finish! -John W.

  • If you have are looking for a "therapeutic massage" with an improved outcome -- more mobility and less pain, then I would recommend giving Joi a chance to help you. I was fortunate to have her work on my neck and shoulders while she was in Atlanta and have to say....the results were substantially better than other massage therapists that I had tried before. I'm just sorry she moved!! -Dot B.

  • Joi is an awesome massage therapist. She listens to why you came for a massage and then focuses on those issues and keeps checking with you to confirm that her treatment is working. She also uses different, effective techniques to treat you. I have had many, many massages, and Joi is one of the best. - Bruce K.

  • I am so thrilled that Joi is back in Florida. As far as I'm concerned there's no-one else like her.  She's  not  only extremely well qualified as a massage therapist but she is also intuitive with the body and always manages to find the parts that need the most work. She has a beautiful demeanor and I 100% recommend her to anyone and everyone. I always come away feeling so much better. - Lynn D

  • Joi Dupre is the ultimate professional and knows her stuff regarding therapeutic massage.  I initially went to her to help me through a rotator cuff injury.  Her intense work on my shoulder eliminated me needing cortisone shots as well as surgery.  I continued to see her about back issues.  She regularly put me back together and allowed me to continue my active lifestyle with golf, running, and working out.  I miss her terribly here in Atlanta, and have yet to find someone as good as her.  Her expertise in technique enabled her to provide the heavy pressure that I needed.  I would highly recommend her to anyone needing relief from pain. - Alan B

  • I feel very lucky to have found Joi.  She is a truly gifted therapist who clearly loves what she does.  She's a pleasure to work with, and her sessions are always a perfect balance of relaxation and treatment.  I didn't expect it, but her sessions have helped fix some muscle injuries I've had for years.  I'd highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a massage therapist - I know I won't be looking to anyone else for my massage therapy.  Thank you Joi. - Tom S.

  • Joi is a highly skilled and exceptionally empathetic healer. She has a way of zeroing in on whatever is causing you pain, and then using various techniques to help you feel better. I go to her to help me with muscle soreness, joint pain, and restricted mobility, and she never disappoints. I tried 5-6 other therapists before finding Joi, but the wait was definitely worth it - Joi is the best! - J.W. 


Yoga Testimonials


  • I want to thank you for all of your help in yoga. When I first started, the floor seemed so far away and I really did not know how I could get down to it. Laying flat on my back, standing, walking, and sitting were all mindfully painful activities. Having had some very good yoga instructors, about 25 years before I started with you, made me relatively sure that yoga would be the answer for my locked up, crippled frame. I had been using a chiropractor inconsistently but became too solidified in my soft tissues, swollen and sensitive to pain for chiropractic adjustment positioning to be effective.At the start of lessons with you, my knee was so visibly swollen, it drew attention and questions. Each step I took produced audible cracking and crunching and I struggled to use my leg in the way that would produce the very least crunching and swelling. Having relatives with knee replacements made me concerned about the health of the cartilage within my own knee as well as wonder if that was where I was headed. As you helped me gain flexibility in that knee, the cracking stopped and swelling went away. Then my hip became the loudest complaint and I recognized that my knee was definitely only a symptom of a deeper problem. After about 4 months of classes, and numerous releases in the small muscles encapsulating my hip socket, I gained an energy through my full leg which I could only remember I once possessed. Some of the really deep releases gave me unbelievable emotional releases and soreness for days afterwards, but having a past in massage therapy and some training in physical therapy made me understand that this was just a part of the healing process. After about 8 months, my lower back let go of the solidified tissue that was the true seat of my problem. When my spine is now in it's proper alignment, I have no swelling, nor cartilage crunching, and my hip doesn't hurt at all. This provides me with a long, balanced, free-flowing gate. Thank you for giving me my body back. I had become so bound up that I was forced to remain sedentary, thus my physical problems could only compound. Now, I can do all sorts of activities which I thought were gone to me. I miss you and your teachings but will forever be grateful for the instructions you provided me with which enabled me to be free again. Even now, discomfort patterns I can recognize the source of and use your teachings to free myself again. I hope you get to share your passion with many more needy people that can appreciate your gift. God bless you Joi! -Carlin G.

  • I have been attending Joi’s Yoga classes for several months now. Several friends recommended yoga as an alternative to the gym as I was not happy with the bulk I was gaining in my arms. I was hesitant as I don’t see myself as a “yoga” person. Joi offered a beginners class on a donation basis and I finally talked myself into going with nothing to lose. I kick myself for not listening to my friends and attending sooner. From the very first night Joi was warm and welcoming. She gives her classes a personal touch, so in a room full of strangers you feel like you are among friends. She is funny, compassionate, and extremely knowledgeable. Throughout each class, she gives modifications and gentle corrections, each class seems to have a spiritual theme rooted in personal growth. After several months we have beginners, intermediate and even experts in the same class, every skill level learns, improves and is made to feel welcome. I have learned so much and thoroughly enjoyed my classes with Joi, she is one of a kind and has made a profound difference in not just my physical health but emotional health as well. -Lindsey M

  • On starting doing yoga with Joi, I was new to yoga. I had done pilates videos before, but did not have any formal direction, and consequently, had poor form. Joi always talked us {her students} through class; the names of the poses, what to focus on body wise, when to breathe, and how to flow. She would describe the ways your body should form poses, what you should be focusing on stretching and contracting. She's always very patient and helps with any direction anybody might need. Her expertise in physiology really helps her explanations of what you're doing and prevents injury with use of proper body mechanics. Joi has very friendly vibes, and makes you feel welcome and at peace in her classes. With her awesome guidance, I developed a love for yoga and now practice in my own time when I can't make her classes. I would absolutely recommend anybody to go to Joi's classes, no matter what level of yogi you might be. -Jennifer M.

  • Joi is an amazing yoga teacher! She is gentle of spirit and still tough  (in the good way... The one in which she gives you the confidence to go where you thought you couldn't). - Melissa J.

  • A friend told me about Joi who was teaching in town a few nights a week.  My first time in class I was so nervous. I was scared of the entire experience but Joi reassured me. She would repeat key points about the asanas and say things like, "it's yoga practice, not yoga perfect." Hearing these out loud made me feel comfortable in where I was in my practice. She realigned me, told me where to put my hands, reminded me to breath, and more importantly, made me feel like it was just us in the room. This. This was what I was missing in my practice. Knowing Joi was there to guide me through my practice made me want to do more. After taking a few of her classes, I began to understand that yoga isn't just about the poses or the handstands. It's about connecting with yourself in the present moment. Learning to control your breath, body and mind has opened an entire new view of the world for me. I have found so much peace in knowing that it's okay, whatever happens, I control it. I am the pilot of my vessel. It may seem strange that yoga could affect someone this way, but it has for me. I can't wait to see what else this journey has in store. -Taylor E.

  • Joi has been my yoga teacher since she began teaching yoga. She talks everyone thru the poses and gives individual attention. She makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable with their individual body type and physical limits. She makes every class fresh and teaches from her heart. My body and my soul have been transformed by her classes. - Shawna M.

  • Joi is a person that was given a gift to teach. Yoga is a passion that she brings to every class and l love how no matter where your at in your practice she is cheering you on to want to be better. Her classes leaving you wanting more physically and spiritual in the growth of life. Namaste .Kim M.

  • I love taking classes with Joi! I always learn something new from the class and leave feeling inspired and light. She really helps you with your alignment. I have been doing yoga for five+ years with many different teahers and Joi's classes have been my favorite. - Angela W.

  • Wonderful yoga teacher, the best I've ever had. - Rachel H.